Product Manufacturing

Tri Star Foods is a Manufacturer and Distributor of only the very best products to the food service and hospitality industries in South Africa. See our Brands page for detailed lists of what we stock.
We manufacture products for leading companies under their own brand. We also supply a diverse range of Allied products.

At Tri Star foods we are passionate about our products and only use approved ingredients sourced from certified, reputable suppliers. The powder and pickle divisions have for many years undertaken development and manufacture of a variety of products for leading national companies.

Ingredients are sourced from recognised and reputable suppliers to ensure good quality products are produced consistently, and food health standards are maintained.


What we do

Manufacturing of exquisite
pickled products.

We have an exquisite pickled food division that produces top quality products like Jalapenos, Dill Cucumber, Sauces, Garlic, Piccalilli and more. See our product pages for more info.
pickled products

What we do

Manufacturing of quality
powdered products.

We produce top quality Powdered Products such as Jelly, Custard, Baking Powder, Soups, Soya, Stock Powders and more. See our product pages for more info.
powdered products

What we do

Manufacturing of bespoke
allied products.

We produce to supply top quality allied products like Foil, Film, Salt & Pepper sachets, Honey, Tomato Paste, specialized Vinegar and Food Essences. See our product pages for more info.
allied products


Our customers are amongst the largest and most established food distributors in South Africa. Our main distribution channels are:
Hospitality Industry
Central Kitchens
Food Manufacturers
State Departments and NGOs
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